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Puppy Adoption Process

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Follow these steps.

1) Call or text me (Kelli) we need to have that initial conversation. Questions need to be asked and answered. What are your preferences for temperament, gender, color, size, timing? What are your goals, what has been your experience if any raising a puppy, what has been your herding breed experiences if any, family dynamics, location...

2) The second step is filling out our Puppy Application. There really are no “right” or “wrong” answers, only honest answers. A responsible breeder asks a prospective buyer questions to be sure the puppies will be loved, properly cared for, and responsibly raised and trained.

A responsible breeder is also available and committed to answering any questions the prospective buyer may have initially and for the lifetime of the puppy.

3) Once the Application has been completed, returned, and approved, a non-refundable payment of $500 is placed in order to Reserve your place on The Puppy Pick Order list. I accept Cash, Personal check (Reservation fee only), money order, Paypal (Reservation fee only), Zelle, Cash App or click the Pay Now button below to use a debit/credit card through Square


You can specify your preferences for temperament, gender, color, and size, and will be given opportunity to choose a puppy in the order that reservations were received.

I, Kelli, Reserve the right to choose 1st pick from every litter and because individual personalities and temperaments become more distinct after 7 weeks of age, it is easier to make a fitting choice after that time, equally I may not keep a puppy from every litter. 

I help each family match up with the best puppy taking into account the  temperament/personality and preferences they are looking for, and that would be best suited to their home and lifestyle. This is done at/around the time the puppies are 8 weeks old.


I will set an appointment with you/your family and you will have an approx 2 hour window to play with the puppies that are best suited to your lifestyle and preferences. After you have chosen, paid for, signed the contract, you will then be taking your puppy home. 

Please plan to keep the first couple of days quiet so your puppy can adjust to his/her new home and family.

I hope I have answered some of your questions. 

Once your Application has been approved,

Place your Non-Refundable Puppy Pick Order Payment here.

By placing your Puppy Pick Order Payment, you the BUYER agree to

Lone Pine Miniature American Shepherd's Non-Refundable Policy.

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